I'm a software engineer focused on code quality, strategy, and feature delivery.

I like to build honest relationships with clients. Although I can deliver simple, 1-week projects, I prefer to work only with a handful of clients. Even better, I tend to deliver for a single client at a time.

I'm a Berlin-based Software Engineer

I've been a software engineer for almost 8 years, with some previous experience in product management as well. To broaden my horizons, I worked for companies of all sizes, from small startups to multi-national corporations, and spent some time in one of the big-3 consultancy firms as well.
I put a strong focus on architecture, quality, tests/well-typed codebases, and clean code. My usual modus operandi is to involve stakeholders, listen to my co-workers, radically collaborate, and focus on the value we can deliver to the customer. (It's a business after all.)


Good, honest work

The only guarantee is that things will change. If you're going to embrace this truth, I can be your partner in navigating the dynamics of technology and deliver real returns. That’s why my approach is all about partnership.

  • Feature Delivery

    Although I'm happy to work on an hourly or daily basis, what you really get is proper feature delivery. Don't pay for days, pay for getting things done 100%.

  • UI/UX and Code Assessments

    A systematic approach to uncover potential problems in your product. I've performed a few assessments, looking for code smells, accessibility issues (as a blind, deaf, or low-tech user), and ways in which your product or service comes across less than stellar.

  • Milestone Reviews

    Touch base as the project advances, so we can provide feedback and guidance. This way we make sure your project continues to meet the needs of your target audience and the needs of your busineses. Hire me for my technical consulting skills.

  • Workshops and Training

    An ever-changing landscape demands new skills. To keep you and your staff on the cutting edge, I can come in to guide an audience through the best and latest in tech.

  • Architecture and Development Strategy

    Without a sense of purpose and direction, you might be piling up on technical debt. I'm always happy to improve or redo a client's development strategy and architecture.

  • Best Practices

    I can guide you or your team through the best practices in software engineering, review your codebase, or get my hands dirty and try to improve things in your product. I'm also here if you need someone to start paying off that technical debt.

  • Processes and Workflow

    Headache-free value delivery, on faster, iterative cycles. If you're still working with obsolete processes, let me come in and make everyone happier with better workflows.

Modern development stack

By focusing on the JavaScript ecosystem, I was able to stay on top of last decade's new developments. I don't simply stay ahead of the curve, but rather try to understand what contributes to my tooling, and bring to the table only the best technologies.

JavaScriptTypeScriptReactReact NativeReduxVueVuexGatsbyNodeExpressDockerBashGraphQLWebpackEJSPugStylusSASSHTMLCSSPostCSSPostgreSQLHexoTailwindNagiosMongoDBLevelDBZeitHerokuGoogle Cloud Platform

Let's build something

Regardless of whether you have a functioning product or service, website or mobile app, I'll be your partner in achieving your next milestones.

Prototype & Launch

Prototype your ideas or simply get to market faster.

Expand Functionality

Grow your product or service, or expand your presence online.

Improve & Test

Ship better code through stricter practices and a good testing suite.