Solera · cap hpi
  • Client: Solera · cap hpi
  • Year(s): 2017–2018
  • Type: Full-Stack Development
  • Stack: node express react postgres nagios typescript sass bash redux istanbul mocha jest webpack

As an offshore developer, I joined cap hpi to develop their multiple online properties. Among other things, some of my key achievements were:

  • Worked on a middleware to help combat fraud, by detecting potentially malicious traffic and redirecting it to a reCaptcha page.
  • Built a system to run AB tests from the backend, reporting to Google Analytics but without any delays to the front-end.
  • Built a system to track e-mail performance (reads + links clicked). We decided to go custom to simplify things and make it easier on ourselves in terms of GDPR implementation.
  • Migrated an obsolete, multi-minute build process to Webpack, so the team could use live-reloading and code much faster. It also helped with tree-shaking, making our already efficient website even faster (we used React for individual/modular components, not as an SPA).